Planning Process: Feasibility Study

  1. Every large renovation project begins with your concept; what you wish to achieve. Green Diva Designs meets with you to discuss your new space.
  2. Next we work with you to determine the size of your project and the ideal materials to use in correlation with your budget.
  3. Finally, after the concept and the budget are determined, Green Diva Designs will work on the plans for your renovation project, which includes the Feasibility Study:

    The Feasibility Study ensures that all parties involved are consulted to determine what will be necessary to create your dream. This includes sub-contractors, architects, planners, and other professionals. Additionally, the Feasibility Study also includes a packet of all zoning information and building requirements for your area, details regarding your choice of materials, and a set of architectural drawings of your home before and after the proposed alterations. The fee for the feasibility study is separate from the building contract.